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      Our Mission is to be open and honest with all customers, principals and business associates to enable and enhance long term business relationships..
      Lines currently represented: 
        ArkLes/Pancon/Paktron -- QD's,rings, spades, splices,ribbon connectors,stampings, capacitors  (
        American Bright Opto --- LED's, Displays, SMT/TH, IR, RGB w/IC, Light Engines, E-Paper/Ink  (
     APlus Products -- LCD's, OLED's, Graphic, Character, Batteries, FFC/Audio Connectors  (
        Fox Electronics  --   Freguency Control Devices, Crystals/Clocks/Oscilators, TCXO, VCXO etc ( 
     Hallmark Nameplate --- Nameplates, Graphic Overlays, Membrane Switches  (
     Lighthorse Technologies --- RF Connectors and Coax Assemblies, wear plating, ground windows  (
     OST/On-Shore Technology--- Terminal Blocks, Barrier, Pluggable and One Piece & Interconnects (
       PhiHong ---  Power Supplies, Chargers/Adapters, Desktops, Wall Worts, POE Extenders, Midspans   (
        Picker Components--- Relays, Automotive, UL Power, SolidState,Signal, Latching, PlugIns, PCB  (
     Schaffner --- EMI / EMC Filters, pcb, inlets, power entry modules, chokes, transformers  (

     Our Manufacturers Representative firm specializes in electro-mechanical components.
     Through our years of experience, we are knowledgeable in the following areas:
                                    Board to Board Connectors                      I/O Connectors                        RF Connectors
                                    LEDs / LCD's                                          Power Mgmt ICs                      Heat Shrink Tubing 
                                    Fans                                                       Discrete Components              Switches/Encoders 
                                    Mechanical Hardware                               Wire and Cable                        Crystals
                                    Fuses                                                     EMI Protection                        Inductors/Chokes/Coils/Cores
                                    Keypads                                                 Power Supplies                       Circuit Breakers
                                    Analog IC's                                             Memory                                  Mil-Spec Connector and Components          

     The OEM customer base in our IA, MO, NE, KS and So. ILL territories look to us for new products, new companies and new ideas to keep them upto date as their respective products are delivered to a global marketplace.


      We also work very close with our distribution partners:

     AirTechnics, Allied, Arrow, Avnet, Beyond Components, Buckman Wire, Carlton-Bates, Dee, DigiKey, Future, Heartland Electronics, Heilind, Hughes-Peters, Newark, Ric-Tronics, Sager, TTI and Wes-Garde


     Send your questions, comments or request for information to Brian Main at if your're in MO, or IA,  if in NE, KS or Western  MO contact Steve Guss at or Matt Holden at if your in ILL..

Brian Main

Steve Guss

Matt Holden

Let us know if we can provide additional details regarding CTec Connector Technology LLC.
STL  636-561-3543
KS  785-393-1219
IL  618-971-1912 

 Est: December 2009


We are proud members of the Spirit of St Louis ERA Chapter

Electronic Representative Association